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Session Reports

01May 2015

We started with Menachem, Adam and myself playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a deception game where you don’t even know what team you are on until the end. There’s nothing quite as devious as being a werewolf and avoiding being killed…only to find out you’re no longer a werewolf and as a villager you just lost the game. The first game went pretty quickly….Adam was a werewolf and forgot to plan his lie out, making it so that even though he picked up the pace later, when Menachem was faced with choosing who to side with, he joined me and we correctly assassinated Adam. Round two I was the werewolf, and I started with an early game lie that hid my cover well, but as Adam managed to slowly give away that he was the Seer and I was the werewolf, we both managed to figure out that Menachem’s lack of being helpful resulted due to him being the new werewolf, and we succesfully pointed our fingers at him to kill him. Round three went pretty quickly with a bit of a game flaw, and despite me seeing through Adam’s poker face, Menachem decided to vote round robin and leave him alive. For shame Menachem, for shame.

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22Apr 2015

Last night started with Ezzie being late (he warned us) and Ari being even later (he fell asleep…not cool). In the meantime, Menachem, Adam and myself played two games of For Sale, a quick and easy auction game, similar to High Society. Sender won both games, Menachem was second both games, and Adam lost both games. Proving that Sender is awesome and Adam only gets rich in games where you lie to each other. Not cool Adam…not cool. On the plus side that may or may not mean he wants to buy another game. Although holy crap I thought it was $10….apparently it’s jumped to the $25-$40 range, or even more on Amazon.

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10Apr 2015

Attendance this week was quite strong at a full 6 people which was pretty awesome considering the holiday weekend. We had myself, Adam, Ezzie, Menachem and rival siblings, Kyla and David. That being said, with the exception of Adam, everyone was late….so Adam and I started another game of Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation with the sides reversed, myself taking on the fellowship and Adam being the overlord of all evil. As Sauron attempted to use his Cave Troll to intimidate the fellowship, Frodo and the rest of the host of good merely passed by him without being noticed and slowly slipped towards Mordor. A few short turns later Frodo entered Mordor and destroyed the One Ring forever more!!! (well actually just until later that night when Sender and Ezzie played it again).

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29Mar 2015

This week, we were all privileged to once again play Kemet, an Egyptian masterpiece of conquest and mayhem. We were joined by Sender (myself), Ben, Mike, and Aviva, and after quick and relatively easy rules clarification to Aviva and Mike, the game started in a timely manner.

Mike started us off, by wisely choosing the Elephant to lead his troops into battle. He then swept in to take control of two temples in his first turn, a well executed move that was applauded by all present. The next turn then started with Aviva choosing to politely remove Mike from one of his temples, with Sender teleporting in to execute the stragglers and getting a victory point for my troubles. Aviva then proceeded to take a second temple, and Ben likewise chose to move his forces into two temples that turn. As the turn finished, handshakes and congratulations were passed out all around for a well played turn by everyone present.

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19Mar 2015

This Thursday we played Kemet, in honor of Adam and his new baby. Adam couldn’t be with us tonight but I’m sure he appreciated us playing Kemet in his honor and then sticking it back on the shelf for 6 weeks. No need for thanks Adam, always happy to help a friend!

After a quick rules explanation, the game started with Daniel heading for a quick early rush to take both the Elephant and a few victory points. He got all up in Ben’s space with a vicious unprovoked attack on his forces. Ben lost the battle but took out Daniel’s forces setting himself up for a revenge attack next turn. Meanwhile Sender and Ezzie decided to leave everyone alone and both took a foothold in separate temples and bunkered down for the night.

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12Mar 2015

This was a busy week in board games! We started on Wednesday with Sender, Adam, Kyla and David playing Cosmic Encounter once again. The night started with Adam losing $50 as he decided he MUST HAVE THE COOL AWESOME INSERT. Tsk tsk Adam….you have to control that wallet spending stuff. Kid coming and all that. He then proceeded to have one of his most trustworthy games yet, that is until the end game where he was about to ally with Kyla for the final win but then proceeded to backstab her for the sole win. Remember people….never trust Adam in the final round of a game. That man’s got crazy Eyes!!!

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05Mar 2015

In what is now making international news across the country, we’ve played Cosmic Encounter 3 weeks in a row….that’s a new record and one unlikely to be beaten ever again. Something about the quick playtime (2 hours once you know it), backstabbing and negotiations, and the enjoyment of having a game that Ezzie hasn’t won yet is very appealing to all of us.

We were joined for a second time by Menachem, and once again he did a great job of knowing the rules better then assorted people at the table who had played the game already. Unfortunately, he seems to be far too trusting of all of us, and rules will only get you so far when the rest are eager to destroy every last citizen of your useless relic of an alien race.

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27Feb 2015

In a rare turn of events, we played a game for two weeks in a row! Woohoo and go us. Consistency people; that’s the key. Unfortunately, despite Ben’s excitement about playing a game for the second time, apparently there were far more important things for him to do, so this week he gets the “Here’s Your Sign” award.

While we waited for Ben to confirm (and lie) about his attendance, we started the night off with two heavy filler games called High Society. For an accountant, Ezzie managed to somehow be the person who spent all his money in each game (which automatically makes you lose). Ben…you may want to have someone else start cooking your books. Meanwhile Adam put up a decent fight the first game but managed to buy practically nothing the second game, while Sender managed to come close to winning in in both games.

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20Feb 2015

The game on the table this week was Cosmic Encounter, an epic game of cosmic negotiation and domination. Unfortunately the game started with the cosmic warp deciding that Sender had to attack Ben, but fortunately they decided to remain peaceful allies, and they negotiated a fair exchange of territories. From there the galaxy degenerated into a wretched hive of scum and villainy, with each race attacking and defending with no regard for past alliances or future trust. Dan attacked Ari, Adam and myself defended gloriously. Ari attacked Sender, and everyone else piled on. Dan attempted to negotiate with Adam….except he lied! Chaos and maliciousness prevailed in the universe!

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13Feb 2015

Dan gets Geek of the Week award for the second week running with his amazing on timeness. He then proceeded to out OCD Sender by DRIVING HOME to get his dice tower. We’re talking about a game with 2 dice. That were rolled maybe 10-15 times the whole game. Yup….Geek of the Week and OCD Geek of the Week in one night. Congrats Dan.

Anyways; this week we got to welcome Josh and Menachem to the table, although neither are new to board games (the good kind). The game on the table was Cyclades Titans; an expansion to Cyclades that drastically changes the nature of the game. The game started with Menachem understanding the rules so quickly that he was answering other people’s rules questions before we had even started the game. Never a good sign for me, who usually relies on knowing the rules better to win the game.

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06Feb 2015

This week’s game night started with Dan a very early 8:00, and no one else showing up until 8:30 or later…Nahshon called so he’s forgiven, but the rest of you are getting giant cardboard signs nailed into your lawn with big block letters “FOR SHAME”.

Anyways….game night started with Dan, Adam and Ben getting an early start due to NO RULES!!!! Expect more of that the longer game night continues and we figure out the games to replay. Adam proceeded to take his first move and proceeded to have his ship burst into flames. Shortly after, Dan rolled a 2, and cursed the fates for his not being aware that rolling a die can be good…or bad. Methinks if he rolled an 18 he wouldn’t be questioning the changes of that. Oh, and he died soon after. Finally, the trifecta ended with Ben piloting his spaceship into the Sun….cause giant ball of fires are good maybe? Whatever…he’s stressed, let’s let this one go.

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30Jan 2015

Thursday started with everyone surprisingly on time and ready to go, a pleasant surprise and much appreciated. Except for the fact that Dan decided not to bring his dice tower….but whatever. Not gonna make a big deal of it. Even if it is a tiny little thing that could have been brought easily. No big deal. Let’s move on.

The game on the table was Cyclades, an epic battle between 5 Greek Factions and a whole bunch of monsters. It was a usual night, with the game starting by having everyone make an obligatory attack against Sender, and Sender attacking no one. It took 6 attacks against me before people started to notice that in fact; I wasn’t about to win them all with 2 troops and no ships on one lone isle. I know I know…I’m the Napolean of board games….no one feels save even when I have been banished alone to one lonely island…I’m still a threat. But whatevs.

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24Jan 2015

Last week’s game night started with Ezzie, Dan and Ari all screwing with my well organized attendance plans. Fortunately no games were actually ruined, so no one will be penalized this time. No promises for next time of course. And yes….my parties are always the Monica party. Google that if you don’t know what it means. And honestly the game night really started with Ben tricking everyone into setting up for the Sholom Zachor….we’ll read into that more or less depending on what happens the next time he hosts.

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04Dec 2014
Dear Jamie [co-designer of the game “Euphoria”],
Every boardgame designer probably enjoys positive feedback about his/her creation; it’s my hope that this note gives you (and your co-designer) a small fraction of the pleasure Euphoria has given me.
I discovered and acquired your game in the past six months, and was first able to play it – three times:) – this past weekend. As the father of a daughter who loves dystopian fiction and who is (at twelve years of age) a seasoned game connoisseur, bringing Euphoria to the table was for me a no-brainer.
The fact that she beat me made the experience that much more enjoyable:)

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