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7 Wonders: Wonder Pack


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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A quick one today as I look at the new Wonder Pack for 7 Wonders. This expansion for the 2010 game by Antoine Bauza (published by Repos Productions and Asmodee) contains four new wonders to use in the game – The Great Wall, Abu Simbel, Stonehenge, and Mannekin Pis.

As a refresher, 7 Wonders is a civilization building card game where you draft the cards you play – you choose a card from a hand, pass the rest, choose one from those you were passed, pass the rest, and so on. Cards you’ll see include resources used to play other cards, money producing cards, points, military, science, and guilds. The interaction level is fairly low as what you do can affect the player on your left and your right, but no one else (the game plays up to seven). The game plays over three ages, and you’ll add up all your points to find the winner at the end of the third age. The first two expansions, Leaders and Cities, added more elements to the basic game.

Throughout the game, you’ll have the opportunity to work on your wonder. This consists of a number of stages where you must be able to pay virtual resources in order to get the benefit. Each wonder has an A side and a B side, with the B side more complex. Wonders are the focus of this expansion, so let’s see what we’ve got.

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Very Good, Very Good – Bundled as a set with 7 Wonders: Leaders, 7 Wonders: Cities, 7 Wonders, 7 Wonders: Wonder Pack,, Very Good – no box

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