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Playing the game turn, a player can perform one of the following three actions: 1. Founding a company to found a company, a player must put one or more action cards of the same company that is not already be in. After that, the player must begin this new air network with a connected air route with the registered office of the company. 2. Increasing air network The player who wants to expand a network first draws a card from the deck Vol. If he plays a flight card that fulfills the necessary conditions (value, possible connection …), it enlarges the air network of a company (In any shareholder or not). He then takes an Action. Map 3. Play an action card A player can ask several action cards from a company. If a player places one action card, he can sabotage a company online. Points When a guest card is turned or pulled from the deck, there points (3 times during the game). Each company gets a point marker placed on the tray. The majority shareholder of a company receives all the points of this company. The second shareholder receives half the points rounded down. Others receive nothing. Only the visible face Shares are taken into account for determining the shareholders (the cards do not count). End Game The game ends when the last action card was pulled and the 5 cards face were used. There are still points once. The player with the highest total wins.

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