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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

SKU: 6366


Bring out your best poker face for this fun, fast-paced, beautiful new card game. The goal is to get the lowest score by trading your high cards for low ones. The catch is that in the beginning you only know half your cards and all the cards are kept face-down, only to be seen upon the draw of special action cards. So to beat your opponents, take turns drawing cards to replace your unwanted or unknown cards for good ones. The action cards allow you to spy on others, take peeks at your own hand and even swap one of your own cards with an opponent. You can also build matches to replace with a single card, just remember where they are! Take lots of chances because it’s only a short matter of time until someone ends the round by calling Cabo. Cabo is called once someone thinks they have the lowest score. Take one last turn and hope for the best!

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