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Ingenious Challenges


$9.98 $9.02

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Ingenious challenge is actually three different games in one box. All games have some similar scoring rules and a similar concept. In all of the games the goal is to get each of the six different colors to 7. This is done by somehow matching colors that are in play. For each match a player makes they move that color up one on their score track. However, there are different levels of advancement. A color can not move to 4 until all colors are off zero for example. Also, when a color makes it to 10, the player gets an extra turn. These rules are universal to all three games.

The first game included is a card game. In this game players have a hand of six cards and each card has two symbols in one of the six colors. At the beginning of a player’s turn they discard the card in front of them and play a new card. Each symbol they match on one of the other player’s cards is a spot they get to move up on the score track. The card they played stays in play, so that other players can match and a new card is drawn.

In the dice game, there is a very similar concept only this time players have 2-4 dice. When ever doubles (or triples) are rolled they can score it as a wild. Again, players keep the dice they roll in front of them.

In the tile game there are a lot of tiles face down. Three tiles are face up, and on a player’s turn they can “free score” which means they take any tiles that are the same color (or just a single tile) and move up that color on their scoreboard. Otherwise the players draw a tile. If the tile does not match one of the three up OR is the same as a tile they already drew, the tiles go back to the pile. After successfully drawing a tile a player may score or draw a new tile. All scored tiles are removed from the game.

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