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BoardGameCo Game Night - A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)

Another 6 player game night! This thing is really picking up, soon enough we may have to start regularly breaking up into groups of 2, as there are only a handful of games that handle 6 players well. Fortunately one of those games is A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition).

We all started off peacefully enough, with the first turn spent merely consolidating power in preparation for winter. Stark moved his forces south and shored up the North, Baratheon played it safe and stayed on his island to the west, Martell and Tyrell both started shifting their forces northward, while Lannister and Greyjoy made a play for the mainland. The next turn was a long slow drought. The houses couldn’t muster any troops as the people in the kingdoms were already starving and tired, this led to yet another slow turn as forces moved around to strengthen their positions. Baratheon did make one play for power, crossing Martell’s flank to attack Tyrell to the West. He was repelled though and his forces had to flee.

Turn three led to the first real displays of power as a mustering finally showed up. Greyjoy swung through the oceans to attack Tyrell on his northern shores. Lannister started pitching the war tents and moving East, Stark shifted his forces further South picking up great swathes of land along the way. Martell moved his ships to the East seas to cut off Baratheon’s access to the Southern seas and isles.

Turn four finally had a mustering, and troops landed on the board as our military might grew Greyjoy made a pact with Stark, Tyrell turned down a non-aggression pact with Martell and instead decided to make peace with Lannister. With the alliances made, Lannister moved his forces further East picking up castles and strongholds along the way, while Stark and Greyjoy withdrew into their own territories to attack South together, hopefully to quash the Lannister Lion. Martell and Tyrell both held a strong defensive tone as their forces mustered on the borders, while Baratheon finally made a move towards the mainland.

Turn five had a second mustering, and supply lines were strained as the houses tried to get more troops and ships onto the board. Stark and Greyjoy’s forces slammed into Lannister, forcing him to focus his defense and halt his march eastward. Martell shifted his forces across the mainland to take a castle from Baratheon. And Tyrell reclaimed a long lost territory from Greyjoy.

Turn six was the final turn of the game, Lannister sent out a night raid to remove the support Stark’s ships provided. Greyjoy then attacked a host of Lannister siege engines forcing them to retreat and forcing Sender to remember this:

“Siege Engine units cannot retreat. If a Siege Engine unit is forced to retreat, it is instead destroyed.”

In any case, Stark then shifted his forces across the eastern seas to wipe the siege engines off the map and gaining a castle putting him at 6 castles. Martell took that opportunity to first conquer Baratheon’s hold on the Southeast seas, and then use those ships to cross forces into the territory Stark just took from Lannister putting him at one behind Stark. Stark then attacked Greyjoy hoping for the final win but lost the battle, and finally Martell moved a reserve of cavalry into an abandoned castle, bringing him to 6 points to tie with Stark….also causing Sender to remember this rule:

“If two (or more) players are tied for the highest position, the tied player who holds the greater number of Strongholds win. If there is still a tie, the tied player with the higher position on the Supply Track wins. If there is still a tie, the tied player with the most available power wins. In the extremely rare case there is still a tie, the tied player with the higher position on the Iron Throne track wins.”

Basically we forget to check between myself and Ezzie who actually won, since there are no ties.

All in all a great game, but one that needs to be replayed to see how awesome it is or isn’t. And we look forward to having that second play at some point in the near future.