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BoardGameCo Game Night – Clash of Cultures & Xia

This week’s game night started with Dan a very early 8:00, and no one else showing up until 8:30 or later…Nahshon called so he’s forgiven, but the rest of you are getting giant cardboard signs nailed into your lawn with big block letters “FOR SHAME”.

Anyways….game night started with Dan, Adam and Ben getting an early start due to NO RULES!!!! Expect more of that the longer game night continues and we figure out the games to replay. Adam proceeded to take his first move and proceeded to have his ship burst into flames. Shortly after, Dan rolled a 2, and cursed the fates for his not being aware that rolling a die can be good…or bad. Methinks if he rolled an 18 he wouldn’t be questioning the changes of that. Oh, and he died soon after. Finally, the trifecta ended with Ben piloting his spaceship into the Sun….cause giant ball of fires are good maybe? Whatever…he’s stressed, let’s let this one go.

Shortly after that, Ezzie showed up, and he, Ari, Nahshon and myself where able to start playing our game. So Clash of Cultures started out with a few basic moves, although it was clear from the start that Ezzie had no good intentions towards anyone. A few turns later though, Ari couldn’t figure out the rules and the game’s fate shifted off balance for the first time.

Meanwhile in Xia, Adam died.

Back in Clash, Ari having gotten the hang of the rules, proceeded to attack some barbarian settlement without yet having trained his troops to march….and the fates shifted.

Meanwhile in Xia, Adam died.

Fast forward a few turns, where we find out that Ezzie likes to buy technologies without reading them, and apparently likes to think that roads can just exist wherever….and the fates shifted.

Meanwhile in Xia, Adam died.

Ari noticed a slight imbalance, and called out Ezzie for building a city larger then his civilization can support….and the fates shifted.

Meanwhile in Xia, Adam died.

As Sender marshaled his forces to attack Ezzie’s empire in retribution for the early death of the Landrumium Empire, he cried out “By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged!”. Unfortunately the evil Ezzieithian civilization was able to marshal their forces by some miraculous feat, and pushed the Radcliffethar forces into the sea. A few years later, we noticed that miraculous was indeed the word, as Ezzie had misread yet another technology in his favor….and the fates shifted.

Meanwhile in Xia, Adam died. Shortly after which the epic race for adventure ended, with Dan in the lead, a full fifty percent ahead of anyone else in the game! And by a full half we mean that he had 3 points, to Adam’s and Ben’s 2. That’s right folks….4 hours of epic space adventures and Dan won with 3 points.

Back in Clash, with the fates so mindlessly twisted, and infinite universes crying out in pain for all that had happened, the board quaked and shaked and was pulled into the nether, with nary a victor in site. Except of course Ezzie who claims he won. But his voice will be lost through the ages. History after all, is written by the guy willing to write obnoxiously long follow ups to adults playing board games.

Finally, at 2:30 in the morning, Cinnamon Buns were served as condolences to all. Then Ari took off, and Ezzie and Sender decided to foolishly stick it out until 4 in the morning playing Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, a deduction game for two, where one player is the Fantôme, and one the investigator trying to figure out the identity of the Fantôme. Game one started with an easy win for the investigator (Ezzie), but the game does favor the investigator so that proves nothing. Game two followed with Sender winning as the investigator, but see last sentence as to why I cannot claim glorious victory. Game three had Sender as the Fantôme, cleverly outwitting the bumbling investigator running circles around him. And with that, Sender’s dominance was forever sealed in stone!

Next week game night’s location is currently open, fair warning that if we have a baby, I might be late. If anyone wants it at their house then let me know, or alternatively the Radcliffe household is open again. More great games, and if everyone wants, we might go for either Kemet or Cyclades, or both of there are more then 6 people. If there are exactly 6, we can try for Cyclades Titans, a faster and different interpretation of the basic Cyclades game.

p.s. There was a 4th game where Ezzie won as the Fantôme too, but it barely counts as he likely cheated due to some awesome move that was no way legal.