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BoardGameCo Game Night – Cosmic Encounter

In what is now making international news across the country, we’ve played Cosmic Encounter 3 weeks in a row….that’s a new record and one unlikely to be beaten ever again. Something about the quick playtime (2 hours once you know it), backstabbing and negotiations, and the enjoyment of having a game that Ezzie hasn’t won yet is very appealing to all of us.

We were joined for a second time by Menachem, and once again he did a great job of knowing the rules better then assorted people at the table who had played the game already. Unfortunately, he seems to be far too trusting of all of us, and rules will only get you so far when the rest are eager to destroy every last citizen of your useless relic of an alien race.

To be frank, after two play by plays, I’m a bit too tired to go through the full game, but I will say that in a desperate attempt to make sure that Sender didn’t take home his third game; Adam and Dan were even willing to share a victory. Either that or Dan needed to end the game….either way what is clear, is that anything that makes Dan willing to trust Adam is a powerful force indeed.

p.s. I will also note that Sender felt his Flare card was too powerful, and thus confirmed that it only works as the defense when you are main player. Not that I used it in any other fashion, but I did threaten to use it in other ways.

p.p.s. Confirmed that “chatter” of any kind including pre-negotiation negotiations are allowed, but I also confirmed that many felt that that detailed negotiations outside of the 1 minute section trivialized the 1 minute rule, so it seems that a good half the people house rule to leave details in the timer.

Next week game night is BOTH Wednesday and Thursday (thanks to all who voted on the extra game night). The usual forms will be sent out to determine your interest level in attending either or both. Cosmic Encounter may come out for one of those, but doubtful that it will make the table for both nights. As usual, if we have a decent head count in time, then game choices will be sent out, but if I’m doing the usual last minute scramble to find out who’s actually coming, then all games will be chosen by me. Some of the prime contestants to hit the table soon are Founding Fathers, Terra Mystica, Kemet, Battlestar Galactica, Caverna, and a few others….too many games, not enough time. We also have to be careful about playing new games, since every time we play a new game Adam looses $40.