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BoardGameCo Game Night – Cosmic Encounter & Founding Fathers & Priests of Ra

This was a busy week in board games! We started on Wednesday with Sender, Adam, Kyla and David playing Cosmic Encounter once again. The night started with Adam losing $50 as he decided he MUST HAVE THE COOL AWESOME INSERT. Tsk tsk Adam….you have to control that wallet spending stuff. Kid coming and all that. He then proceeded to have one of his most trustworthy games yet, that is until the end game where he was about to ally with Kyla for the final win but then proceeded to backstab her for the sole win. Remember people….never trust Adam in the final round of a game. That man’s got crazy Eyes!!!

Then Ezzie showed up as the David and Kyla left and Adam, Ezzie and myself played Founding Fathers, a fantastic game of bidding, card control and hand management. Adam unfortunately won…I say unfortunately because I have a moral distaste for anyone who wins while complaining the whole game they don’t know how to play the game. Of course according to Ezzie none of if matters since I “Sender’d” the game by not teaching the correct scoring. Forgetting for a second that he asked me the same question about scoring 3 times and each time I answered correctly…but he still misunderstood. Whatevs.

Then Thursday night started with Dan, Ezzie and myself playing Priests of Ra, a fantastic bidding game for 3-4 players. If you’re noticing a trend here, a good 25% of games seem to involve temples, gods, and forms of sacrilege. It’s cool people. We’ll just play a new game where every time you say an Egyptian god you say Fizz and every time you say a greek god you say Buzz. Then you’re golden. Anyways….the game was a fascinating game of when to call an auction, when to bid on an auction, and when to hold out for greener pastures. Unfortunately Ezzie, the statistics king….managed to insist that something that happens 1 in 6 times shouldn’t happen 1 in 6 times, and thus he always held out for greener pastures, spending rounds 1, 2 and 3 hoping to get better tiles then nothing. Dan put up a decent fight but ultimately I took that one for the win, thus destroying Dan’s title of “King of Bidding Games”.

The three of us then continued onto Founding Fathers again, so that Ezzie could once again lose but without any excuse about the rules. It was a close game but at a point behind, Ezzie proved that he was a true Clevelander….and his true place in board games is always coming in a close second.

Finally, the week of games wrapped up Sunday night with two games of Taluva between myself and Ezzie. The first game I was clearly sleeping so Ezzie’s first win was voted down by the judges as not counting. The second game on the other hand, I almost won.

This week’s game night is just Thursday, come one come all, and if we actually have a player count by Tuesday, then you are all welcome to participate in choosing a game….otherwise I’m picking.