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BoardGameCo Game Night – Cosmic Encounter & King of Tokyo

In a rare turn of events, we played a game for two weeks in a row! Woohoo and go us. Consistency people; that’s the key. Unfortunately, despite Ben’s excitement about playing a game for the second time, apparently there were far more important things for him to do, so this week he gets the “Here’s Your Sign” award.

While we waited for Ben to confirm (and lie) about his attendance, we started the night off with two heavy filler games called High Society. For an accountant, Ezzie managed to somehow be the person who spent all his money in each game (which automatically makes you lose). Ben…you may want to have someone else start cooking your books. Meanwhile Adam put up a decent fight the first game but managed to buy practically nothing the second game, while Sender managed to come close to winning in in both games.

After High Society, and after marking Ben down in Sender’s journal as untrustworthy forever, we started Cosmic Encounter. As usual, Sender attempted to go for a nice innocent negotiation against Adam, but Adam chose that moment to murder his civilian envoys, and thus cementing himself as as untrustworthy player forevermore. Dan meanwhile, had the power to barely die….only losing one ship per battle regardless of ships in the battle. This made him quite a formidable ally on either side, and one that was invited often. Ezzie quickly sized up the galaxy and its’ respective corners, and quickly started to leap and bound across the void, planting colony after colony, and quickly expanding his empire faster then the other races. As a brilliant move, he Spaceman Spiffed his way onto one of Dan’s planets, crash landing dramatically, forming a colony, and teaching the natives the power of fire. While this may seem like good news for Ezzie, he had also burned up most of his fleet building his empire, and was now stuck with more colonies then any other empire, but with only a handful of ships left to defend his empire and conquer the galaxy.

Adam meanwhile, had likewise been involving himself in far too many battles then was good for him; for he was the Oracle…and all encounter cards had to be played before he showed his own card. His hubris meant that he felt all battles helped him…but meanwhile he won and lost battles back and forth, but kept losing his starships along the way. The long and short of it is that Ezzie and Adam were hoping to clear the void, but little did they know that Dan had been holding onto that ability all game, to keep the two of them weak. Finally Adam managed to draw one of those cards himself, played it to the table…..only to have it card zapped by Sender to keep those ships stuck in the void forever. Ezzie hated Sender just a little bit for a moment.

Unfortunately, as happy as Sender was, he then proceeded to attack Dan and invited Adam along for the ride….Adam joined the attack but Sender turned traitor on him and invited Dan to negotiate. Dan seemed to peaceful and trustworthy…but was full of hate and deceit in his heart. Sender learned a valuable lesson that day….never trust a man with a square face. That and don’t negotiate with people who don’t have negotiate cards. A lesson he himself learned a turn later when Dan attacked Ezzie, and Ezzie valiantly agreed to negotiate by offering him a colony in exchange for also giving him a great flare card, a great deal for….wait what? No that doesn’t sound right….that sounds more like Ezzie made a mistake in his rush to agree to anything in order to betray Dan. Despite that burning rubber smell, Ezzie backtracked quickly and revised the deal, Dan still trusted him and played a negotiate, and Dan lost the encounter and felt Sender’s pain.

Cycle forward a few more turns and Sender attacked Ezzie to jump from 3 colonies to four. Down to two very meh cards, Ezzie had no choice but to lose to Sender’s invasion. Sender then turned the interstellar gate towards Dan’s planet, and launched one last offensive into the breach. Dan felt he could win, and refused Sender’s (lying) offer to negotiate. He played his encounter, Sender played his 40 , and Sender placed his last colony down and the galaxy lauded his victory.

From there, the table broke out their monsters and manly need for destruction, and Ezzie, Sender, and Adam played King of Tokyo. Dan was kind enough to sit in as a dummy player while toying with his phone. The short version is that Ezzie won the game! Thus cementing his accurate 100% victory streak as someone who wins ALL of the games he plays! It’s kind of funny then that Dan chose this moment to break out his little statistic app where he ACTUALLY tracks all the wins and losses, kind of destroying Ezzie’s self image of awesomeness.

Dan and Adam retired for the evening, and Ezzie and Sender played Seasons, a great game with a lot of cards. Unfortunately Sender was extremely tired and doesn’t remember much…except that he won. Although Ezzie will doubtlessly try to argue that the points were fudged and it was a close game that he almost won….to which I have to say:

Nothing matters except winning….deal with it. Close is meaningless.

Oh, and minor point…you can put a spaceship on a tech card during EVERY player’s regroup phase.