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BoardGameCo Game Night – Cosmic Encounter & The Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

Attendance this week was quite strong at a full 6 people which was pretty awesome considering the holiday weekend. We had myself, Adam, Ezzie, Menachem and rival siblings, Kyla and David. That being said, with the exception of Adam, everyone was late….so Adam and I started another game of Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation with the sides reversed, myself taking on the fellowship and Adam being the overlord of all evil. As Sauron attempted to use his Cave Troll to intimidate the fellowship, Frodo and the rest of the host of good merely passed by him without being noticed and slowly slipped towards Mordor. A few short turns later Frodo entered Mordor and destroyed the One Ring forever more!!! (well actually just until later that night when Sender and Ezzie played it again).

Meanwhile, at 8:23, Ezzie pledged to be there at 8:44, and as Sender laughingly said…”well I guess Ezzie’s late in one minute”, at 8:44 on the dot Ezzie walked in. Which of course leads most of us to believe he arrived at 8:38 but then sat in the car for 6 minutes to prove a point. Typical Ezzy.

We then started playing a 6 player game of Cosmic Encounter with Ezzie being able to turn any encounter into a 50-50 chance, Sender can force trade entire hands, Menachem the Leviathan, with his planets being massive attack ships, David can force negotiations, Adam wins if he pwns us 5 times, and Kyla Yin Yang, providing balance to encounters. A lot of cool things happened last night so I’ll be focusing on quick fact bullet points rather than a narrative. Read it like a telegram.

Adam started STOP attacked David STOP both agreed to negotiate STOP both are traitorous leeches who backstab each other STOP David wins encounter STOP Ezzie’s turn STOP attacks someone can’t recall who STOP Menachems turn STOP sends giant planet ship against someone STOP wins cause he has giant planet ship STOP also has a succesful negotiation STOP Menachem leading the game with 2 colonies STOP David has 1 via negotiation STOP David’s turn STOP has one successful encounter STOP loses second encounter STOP David and Menachem tied at 2 STOP Kyla’s turn STOP she has a colony cause she keeps joining people early game STOP Attacks Bro STOP Bro forces negotiate, giving Adam a pwn token STOP Kyla sits there and folds her arms letting 3 of each side ships die STOP Bro shoots Kyla killer look of death STOP Sender’s turn STOP Attacks David and negotiates to colony STOP second encounter against someone else and wins STOP Sender at 2 points Menachem at 3 David at 3 STOP

Full round…breath. Round two….and forgive minor memory lapses.

Adam attacks Menachem STOP Meanwhile has picked up 2 of his 5 pwns in one round STOP dangerous STOP STOP we all join and 20 ships are stacked up against Leviathan planet STOP Menachem loses encounter no surprise STOP Menachem blows up planet rather then surrender STOP all attacking ships removed from game STOP Meanwhile adam still gets a pwn token STOP Good turn for Adam and Menachem STOP Ezzie’s turn STOP wins encounter against Kyla with Ezzie and Sender allies STOP Adam tries dropping a reinforcement to add 3 to our already winning side to pick up 4th pwn token STOP Ezzie tries to see if he can play flare to drop our side total by 10, still winning but denying Adam token STOP Rules say no STOP Sender fistbumps Ezzie for viciousness of plan STOP turns out unnecessary after Menachem points out Adam can’t count and reinforcement only puts us at plus 9 not plus 10 STOP Ezzie attacks Sender STOP Both agree to negotiate STOP Sender is a lying cheating scum STOP But also feels bad since he didn’t even have negotiate STOP Ezzie and Sender focus on repairing relationship STOP Menachem turn STOP meanwhile Kyla has gotten her 4th colony STOP Menachme draws own color and decides to eject Kyla from colony STOP uses leviathan planet ship STOP Kyla plays her 40 and boom goes the dynamite STOP Menachem is sad STOP rest of us relieved no one joined him STOP David attacks Sender STOP Sender pulls allies from Ezzie and Adam STOP Plays attack wins encounter STOP Adam almost gets token David Cosmic Zaps STOP Ezzie and Adam both draw defender rewards and deck is shuffled up STOP Kyla turn STOP kyla attacks ezzie STOP Kyla plays 30 Ezzie plays 0 STOP Ezzie uses Emotion Control and forces negotiate STOP Kyla then plays Flare that if everyone allied against her she wins STOP Sender Card Zaps it STOP Kyla passes look of death from her brother over to Sender STOP Ezzie negotiates and gives Kyla pretty decent card in exchange for his 4th colony.STOP Kyla has second encounter STOP Ezzie is a gambler STOP Kyla attacks Sender STOP Sender uses power to swap hands with Ezzie STOP Sender finds out there’s a 40 in that hand STOP Ezzie says I clearly have this encounter STOP Sender risks it and plays the 13 instead STOP Kyla plays lower number STOP Sender wins kyla defeated STOP Senders turn STOP Sender realizes he needs two colonies to win but only has one encounter card in hand STOP Sender tries trading hands with Adam to get multiple encounter cards STOP Adam cosmic zaps the dirty scum STOP Sender attacks Menachem and wins by more than 10 STOP Menachem blows up the planet STOP Adam gets pwn token STOP no one has cosmic zap STOP Adam wins the game with 0 colonies STOP

In an interesting note, if this were an actual Telegram, it would cost roughly $481.8 based on the word count and accounting for inflation.

So yup, there you have it…an epic game with epic moments, planets literally blowing up, a 40 card being passed around multiple times with no one using it, Kyla nearly winning if not for a single card zap….and Adam winning with his alternate win condition. All around epicness.

Ezzie and I stayed for 3 games of Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, with Sender winning the first two and Ezzie taking the third. Ezzie now insists he will win more often, so we’ll just have to wait and see.