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BoardGameCo Game Night – Cyclades & Rialto

Thursday started with everyone surprisingly on time and ready to go, a pleasant surprise and much appreciated. Except for the fact that Dan decided not to bring his dice tower….but whatever. Not gonna make a big deal of it. Even if it is a tiny little thing that could have been brought easily. No big deal. Let’s move on.

The game on the table was Cyclades, an epic battle between 5 Greek Factions and a whole bunch of monsters. It was a usual night, with the game starting by having everyone make an obligatory attack against Sender, and Sender attacking no one. It took 6 attacks against me before people started to notice that in fact; I wasn’t about to win them all with 2 troops and no ships on one lone isle. I know I know…I’m the Napolean of board games….no one feels save even when I have been banished alone to one lonely island…I’m still a threat. But whatevs.

At that point, people started realizing that David had in fact conquered close to half the board with no one paying attention. This is in fact referred to as “pulling an Adam”, or in other words, kind of staying in the background not doing much and hoping no one notices until it’s too late….all while pretending to be very nice about it. The 4 other nations wheeled towards David’s islands troops and ships, and started trying to diminish his presence. David managed to get up his first Metropolis up (you need two to win), only to have the glorious green nation (Dan), swoop in to take his isle and Metropolis. 

While this may seem like a relief to some, the remaining nations realized they had just primed Dan to be the new threat to the table, and thus started a targeted economic sanctions and military movements to halt Dan’s progress where he stood. We outbid him for the favor of the gods, yellow (Sender) contributed the nations coffers towards taking away the grace of Athena from Dan, and red (Ezzie) contributed to the massive blue (Adam) military campaign to conquer his isles. After a few turns Adam did indeed take Dan’s isle, and all seemed safe once more.
At that point, all 5 nations were a mere turn or two from being able to build up to the two Metropolis required to ensure dominance, and it was a delicate balance required to prevent Adam or Dan from winning. We planned, negotiated and conspired to prevent anyone from taking Victory….and then Dan won. Sucks I know. Dan had strategically set him to reconquer his lost isle, thus gaining 4 building and turning them into a Metropolis. It was a hard fight, but at the end of it, the day was his, and thus marks his first win since the beginning of our weekly game night.

After the cleanup, Ezzie and Dan slunk off into the night, leaving Ezzie, Sender and David to play Rialto, a game set in Venice about acquiring the most influence in the various boroughs of the city. The game started with Ezzie and David positioning themselves in the first borough, and then a skillful placement by Ezzie preceded to lock Sender out of gaining a foothold. As the game went on though, rounds 2 and 3 had all 3 players slowly setting themselves up with more influence in the next two boroughs, with David setting himself up in the 6th borough early in the game, while Sender and Ezzie started monopolizing the strength of buildings to draw more cards as needed. After that it was a tense back and forth between gaining influence with the city officials, acquiring money, constructing buildings, transporting people with gondolas, constructing bridges, and bribing councilmen, before the game got to round 6, where by a single card, Sender managed to gain the most influence in borough 6.
The points were tallied, and Sender and Ezzie were tied point for point, with 79 points each! But alas for Ezzie, Sender was one single spot ahead on the Doge track (which breaks ties), thus giving him the game (and like Dan, his first win since game night started).

Sender, Ezzie and David then got to eat awesome raspberry bars, as their reward for sticking it out till 2 in the morning.

This week’s game night will involve more backstabbing and heartless war, so be sure to be there!