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BoardGameCo Game Night – Cyclades Titans

Dan gets Geek of the Week award for the second week running with his amazing on timeness. He then proceeded to out OCD Sender by DRIVING HOME to get his dice tower. We’re talking about a game with 2 dice. That were rolled maybe 10-15 times the whole game. Yup….Geek of the Week and OCD Geek of the Week in one night. Congrats Dan.

Anyways; this week we got to welcome Josh and Menachem to the table, although neither are new to board games (the good kind). The game on the table was Cyclades Titans; an expansion to Cyclades that drastically changes the nature of the game. The game started with Menachem understanding the rules so quickly that he was answering other people’s rules questions before we had even started the game. Never a good sign for me, who usually relies on knowing the rules better to win the game.

In any case, after a first round of bidding, Josh went aggressive to get the Titans into the game, and started the game with two Titans on the board. The rest of us took our places and settled in for a long and bloody war. Sure enough, Josh took his first move with the Titans to take over one of Menachem’s positions, while Sender tried to keep his head down, Dan took a strong defensive to the east, and Ezzie bunkered up in the mid map, with his eye on the profitable isle in the middle of the map.

As Josh slowly kept conquering the northern landmass territory by territory, Menachem sheltered down for a long winter and started hoarding money. As Zeus’s lightning bolt entered the game, Sender decided to spend his money acquiring the artifact for himself. Ezzie foolishly orchestrated a series of outbidding to get Sender off of Zeus, forcing him to go for Khronos instead. With his newly founded Titans, Sender made an aggressive two territory march to take control of two of Ezzie’s buildings (and while this was the best thing for Sender this game, it was also totally revenge for last game).

Now is a good time to mention that Ezzie is a master strategist, who can plan his turns 5-6 full cycles ahead. And it was at that moment, that Ezzie planned for absolute impotence for the next 5 turns. Truly a seer.

As Sender started to vie for trade routes and land masses, he grew his fortunes and the rest of the Greek Isles grew envious. They all turned their attention to the growing threat from the South, and as a team orchestrated ascension of Menachem to Ares and first position, at which point half of Sender’s fortunes were stolen. For shame.

As Sender recovered his fortunes, Menachem surprised us all with the first Metropolis on the board, and a turn later force marched his troops across the continent to attack Josh’s stronghold for the first attempt at a win. His troops marshaled epic feats of battle, but Josh’s troops were better trained or blessed by the g-ds, for they held the day.

Dan meanwhile, took his opportunity to put every cent he owned on Athena, to bid for her favor and the final Metropolis. Alas he was outbid by the rich and glorious Sender, and he resigned himself to another turn sheltered from the world. Alas it was not to be as Josh then took that opportunity to turn around around and attempt to conquer Dan’s Metropolis, for the third win attempt of the game. Josh took the metropolis, but had left his home territory empty; leaving Sender to take up the invisible mantle and swiftly move his titans across the ocean to take over Josh’s Metropolis preventing him from getting the win!

And then Sender won cause he lied to Ezzie (accidentally) that he couldn’t win that turn, and turns out Sender forgot that he could fly across the map, buy two creatures, and kind of wind up with the win by accident. Ya it was a tiny it lame. I’m not even gloat about winning. Although I will constantly bring up this up when Ezzie insists he wins all games. Nope. Not this time buddy.

Dan, Josh and Menachem headed for the hills, and Ezzie and I hunkered down for two games of Lost Cities (we won 1 each, but of course my win was more glorious and my loss less noticeable). We then settled down for 2 hours of Caylus, an extreme strategy game with perfect information (no luck at all). As expected, I crushed Ezzie soundly by a full point, final score 172-171. True defeat.

Next week’s game is completely up in the air, but we will be trying to get Cosmic Encounter to the table if possible. If not, then other stuff. Be there or be….somewhere else? Or I might have a baby….let’s just play this one by ear.