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BoardGameCo Game Night – Kemet

This Thursday we played Kemet, in honor of Adam and his new baby. Adam couldn’t be with us tonight but I’m sure he appreciated us playing Kemet in his honor and then sticking it back on the shelf for 6 weeks. No need for thanks Adam, always happy to help a friend!

After a quick rules explanation, the game started with Daniel heading for a quick early rush to take both the Elephant and a few victory points. He got all up in Ben’s space with a vicious unprovoked attack on his forces. Ben lost the battle but took out Daniel’s forces setting himself up for a revenge attack next turn. Meanwhile Sender and Ezzie decided to leave everyone alone and both took a foothold in separate temples and bunkered down for the night.


When dawn arose, Ezzie proceeded to attack a Ben and Daniel, and went for his second temple. Then after another long night and with Ezzie at 6 of the required 10 points (and the rest of us at 1-3 points apiece), he proceeded to point fingers one by one at the rest of us and convince everyone to attack everyone else. This worked with mix results unfortunately, and what could have been a glorious shared victory by the 3 of us, ended in squabbles and infighting. Which is ok since there are no shared victories in Kemet.

Meanwhile Sender managed to stay back and keep things relatively peaceful while building up his nations powers, both offensive and economic. But of course Ezzie pointed fingers and they all started attacking me. In a particularly childish move, Ben is now on Sender’s blacklist and will now be offered a bottle of warm milk along with his (pareve) cholent each game night. Ezzie on the other hand managed to coin the new term “Ezzy’d” which is a verb that means “one who excessively asks questions that contradict the rules already explained thereby hoping that out of the many many questions asked at least one will receive an answer that you can interpret the wrong way and thus blame Sender for not winning the game”. Fortunately there is a doctor prescribed cure for Ezzying which is simply to administer one pdf of rules prior to every game session for the affected party to read.

All in all, the game ended with Ezzie losing to someone who wasn’t even there…Daniel had left a few minutes early and Ezzie still managed to lose to him. Amazing.