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BoardGameCo Game Night - Kemet and Specter Ops

Last night started with Ezzie being late (he warned us) and Ari being even later (he fell asleep…not cool). In the meantime, Menachem, Adam and myself played two games of For Sale, a quick and easy auction game, similar to High Society. Sender won both games, Menachem was second both games, and Adam lost both games. Proving that Sender is awesome and Adam only gets rich in games where you lie to each other. Not cool Adam…not cool. On the plus side that may or may not mean he wants to buy another game.

In any case, finally Ari showed up and we launched straight into another epic game of Kemet, with Adam starting us off. Cycle 1 of actions was predictable and uneventful. 5 economic powers purchased by various people to start the money hoarding. The second cycle of actions went around with another set of assorted tiles purchased, with cycles 3 and 4 used for various positionings, pyramids raised, ankhs collected etc. Finally in the fifth cycle a few light forays were made, some temples acquired, two teleports….just enough to raise the aggression level a notch.

Turn two started with Ezzie arranging the turn order cycle to his liking, and then he started off the round. A few powers and action cycles later, we had all built up a few basic tiles to improve our positioning. And honestly I don’t remember much from the earlier rounds in the game so we’ll have to go with bullet points of fun stuff….Ezzie spent the first few rounds turtled up in his city making no point progress but planning for later rounds. Sender made an aggressive pyramid building to level 4 blue, and then bought the first extra action of the game. Ari meanwhile made a similar move with his red pyramid, likewise buying an extra action followed next turn followed by initiative for the insta kills. Sender followed that up by purchasing the extra move/recruit token for some additional flexibility. Adam meanwhile was purchasing extra strength bonuses left and right that really helped him out. Ezzie bought prescience that really did nothing for him…and also some other powers that did help a little more, and Menachem managed to get extra commerce control as well some recruit and teleport flexibility.

With these powers built up, the game heated up into overtime. Menachem had conveniently moved up to 7 points through a few battles, pyramid raising and temple control. Meanwhile no one else was close but most of his points were temporary points. As he made the move for his 8th point the lashback occurred and he lost both his temple and even had no troops on the map at all (first time I’ve seen that). Ezzie finally broke out of his shell, rapidly building up to 7 points through a few battles and some sacrifices in the temple of the g-ds. Ari made a move to an adjacent temple and bought the level 4 creature, and Adam took Sender’s temple away from him down below. Next turn Sender attacked Adam and “lost” (the quotes are simply due to the fact that I really won but forgot my attacking power that gives +1…but whatevs). Instead Ezzie managed to circle in for the win and took over, pushing Adam and Ezzie up to 8, while Menachem, Sender and Ari lagged behind at 7 apiece.

Sender had started earlier the previous turn, and therefore set the turn order for the game, putting himself last, Ezzie and Adam first. Ezzie started by attacking Adam and winning, Adam retook a temple as well. Ari and Menachem took consolidate actions and then Sender attacked Ari for a 2 strike battle and a shift upwards by 2 points. Ezzie and Adam sat there beating on each other going back and forth, allowing Menachem and Ari to weaken them further with subsequent attacks, finally letting Sender swing in for the 6th battle point and tieing for 11 points between Ezzie, Menachem and Adam, giving Sender the win for the extra battle point. A fine game all around.

After that, Menachem and Adam left while Ezzie, Ari and Sender stuck around for a game of Specter Ops, a game where the Agent needs to accomplish 3 objectives and escape the factory, while the two hunters attempt to find him/her and disembowel him (or her…no sexism when it comes to disemboweling). The Agent records their movements secretly but can be spotted or cross line of sight of the hunters, at which point the hunters try to cause the agent pain.

Early game Ezzie and Sender drove the car towards the factory entrance to hopefully catch Ari in the early board. Ezzie used his postcognition to figure out where Ari was actually headed and the hunters turned back. Unfortunately their eagerness basically allowed Ari to quickly sneak past them and complete his first objective none the worse for wear. Ezzie and Sender, a little sadder but a little wiser, better planned how to cut off Ari from completing his second objective. While heading towards the lower right objective, Sender saw a dart of movement towards his left as Ari crossed the road heading instead to the upper left objective. Sender managed to quickly tag behind him and get in a shot in the back, but dripping blood the agent managed to still slip around a corner and complete the second objective.

Ezzie shifted the prophet towards the agents location while Sender set up a sniper hole to hopefully catch the agent on the way towards the third objective. Ari decided the need to cross was worth the hit, and Sender tagged him in blood for the second time. With a better idea of where he was and was headed, Sender and Ezzie closed in on the bottom left objective. Unfortunately (and this probably made the game right here), Ari had anticipated us closing in on his revealed location, allowing him to place a proximity mine that then exploded stunning both hunters right when movement and attacking was most critical. The Agent used this moment to complete the third objective and start planning his retreat.

Knowing where the Agent was, Sender moved in for the kill and got in his third shot on the agent next to the location (unfortunately this would later prove to be a decoy and not a real hit). With that in mind, Ezzie and Sender thought the Agent was heading upwards and raced towards the top to try to cut him off before he escaped. Unbeknownst to the hunters, Ari had really headed to the right to circle upwards along the top right perimeter. Once Sender and Ezzie made it to the exits with no encounters, Ezzie used post cognition again to realize Ari’s plans, and the hunters reconfigured. The Agent though, managed to once again change his plans, shifting leftwards with no real plan in place. Sender abandoned his post at the exit to use the vehicle’s locator, and while that helped pinpoint the agent’s location, the agent then used that break to slip past the now unguarded exit to win the game.

Now if only we can do that in 60 minutes instead of 150, this can be an awesome game.