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BoardGameCo Game Night – Kemet Round 2

This week, we were all privileged to once again play Kemet, an Egyptian masterpiece of conquest and mayhem. We were joined by Sender (myself), Ben, Mike, and Aviva, and after quick and relatively easy rules clarification to Aviva and Mike, the game started in a timely manner.

Mike started us off, by wisely choosing the Elephant to lead his troops into battle. He then swept in to take control of two temples in his first turn, a well executed move that was applauded by all present. The next turn then started with Aviva choosing to politely remove Mike from one of his temples, with Sender teleporting in to execute the stragglers and getting a victory point for my troubles. Aviva then proceeded to take a second temple, and Ben likewise chose to move his forces into two temples that turn. As the turn finished, handshakes and congratulations were passed out all around for a well played turn by everyone present.

Next turn began with Mike having to recoup his forces back in his city, whilst Sender chose to buy the power tile that gives 2 ankh for each unit I kill in battle. When Sender was then attacked and asked to leave the premises of his current temple, he then killed 3 units on the way out, giving him a much needed boost to income. Ben and Aviva managed to hold onto their temples for the most part, while Sender built up his powers and got in an attack as well, helping to get some more battle points. Once again, the gentlemen (and lady) all agreed that everyone made the best moves for the situations they were in, and we shared some Bordeaux and cheese before moving onto the next round.

Mike launched straight into the next round with a gusto, ousting Sender (politely) from one temple and Aviva from another. Sender meanwhile, apologized to Aviva as he had to then attack her since everyone else was currently too powerful for him to guarantee a win. Aviva unfortunately had to recoup her forces in her city and hope for a better next turn. The round finished with Mike clearly in the lead, and thus taking first in turn order. Condolences were handed out to Aviva, congratulatory remarks were made towards Mike and the next round began.

With Mike starting the round, he made for a tempting late game target for Sender and Ben to go in and clean up house while building up to 10 points. Aviva was unfortunately not powerful enough to do much here, so she was left alone. Ben moved his forces out to retake his temple from Mike and won that battle, Sender then made an elegant move and swept into Ben’s city to steal his temple, balancing them both out to get 10 points at the end of the game, but then I would win due to having more battle points. In a last minute turnover, Mike went for the extra victory point and temple control against Ben…won the battle but Ben took out his troops on the way out, and then Ben attacked right back with his retreated forces and went right back to where he was but now with an extra battle point, placing him set to earn 11 point for the win! Fortunately, I then had a master plan to set my pyramid to level 4, buy the power that gives me an extra movement action, and take Ben’s second level 4 temple, in order to shift us to 11 point Sender, 10 points Ben. But there was one turn left before mine. Aviva took her turn, bought that power, thus giving Ben the game! But no! She then attacked her father in the island temple, won a battle point, now controlled another temple taking a point from her father, and then set herself to control two temples at the end of the round, bringing her to the same 10 points Ben and Sender had but edging out Sender for the victory by one extra battle point!!!! And Aviva won the night!

And then we all shook hands all around, promised to buy rounds of drinks next time, and all left the best of friends. Cheers!

In other news, if you look at this page;
and convert to english, you’ll see news and pictures about an expansion coming in mid/late 2015. It adds an additional pyramid color with a full new set of tiles…but wait! You can only have 3 of the 4 pyramids present in your city in any game…which 3 colors will you choose? And yes, I’ll be buying the expansion.