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BoardGameCo Game Night - Lords of Vegas & Airlines Europe

Last week’s game night started with Ezzie, Dan and Ari all screwing with my well organized attendance plans. Fortunately no games were actually ruined, so no one will be penalized this time. No promises for next time of course. And yes….my parties are always the Monica party. Google that if you don’t know what it means. And honestly the game night really started with Ben tricking everyone into setting up for the Sholom Zachor….we’ll read into that more or less depending on what happens the next time he hosts.

In any case, the game night started with Ben lying in Resistance (while being taught the rules, not while playing), which would have gone great if he hadn’t kept ending up on missions with me. At the end of the day, I think we can all agree that Dan at no point realized I was a spy. It must have been very confusing when it was just the two of us on a mission together and a fail came up…he clearly couldn’t figure out what happened and likely assumed that he accidentally threw a fail.

When Ari (finally) showed up, we played a second game of Resistance, but that one was boring, so let’s skip it.

We then proceeded to break up into two teams and have a cholent break. The cholent was pretty awesome though, so I may have even forgiven Ben for making us all work for free. After the break, Ari, Adam and myself played Lords of Vegas, an area control game with a heavy focus on managing your luck correctly. Meanwhile, Ezzie, Ben and Dan played Airlines Europe, an intense stock taking game all about investing correctly while making sure what you invest in grows as you want.

In Lords of Vegas, the game started with Ari and myself taking the early lead. Unfortunately, Adam soon overtook Sender and from there it became a tight back and forth between the two of them, while I held back intentionally….biding my time. In the late game, Ari “pulled an Ari”, which means to break the rules and if it works out then great and you don’t say anything, but if not then you announce you broke the rules and you want your money back. Remember that people…it’s going to be a thing. Anyways, after Pulling an Ari didn’t work out for him, he and Adam kept on with the back forth, while Sender held back….biding his time. Finally Sender pulled his move, taking over a 7 spot Casino from Adam, and was about to win when the game was over, with Ari in the lead, Adam a close second, and Sender in third. Sender had an awesome strategy…and it would have  worked too, if it wasn’t for those darn kids!

Meanwhile, Dan illegally smuggled in a non authorized game called Red7. Supposedly it was fun, but as a committee we’ve made a decision to strike the gameplay from the record due to it’s illegal status. After that game which never happened, they started playing Airlines Europe. Early game Ezzie saw the potential for Air Abacus, and started taking shares on that one. Between the Air Abacus and the rest of the board being a madhouse of activity and poor planning, it was a long and tedious fight, with many a share tossed in favor of Air Abacus. But at the last minute, Ezzie and his white airline won the day, beating out Dan by a narrow margin.

Next week, same time same place!