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BoardGameCo Game Night - Scoville, Specter Ops, Targi and Walled City

Game night started with Menachem taking out a team of Pagan Min’s soldiers with his AK-47. A few moves later he slowly descended on the enemy camp with a bow and arrow, to stealthily take out 6 soldiers without being detected. Shortly after Menachem left, we stopped playing Far Cry 4 and Dan showed up to play some board games.

Dan and Sender started with a game of Scoville, where the best pepper farmer wins the game. A local high school is selling peppers to raise money for the school team, while the farmers are the Dr. Frankenstein’s of the pepper world, cross breeding peppers back and forth to create the hottest pepper of all time. The game takes place over turns back and forth with a myriad of actions, but the main moves come down to which peppers you plant and which peppers you harvest. The game went tightly back and forth, with Dan picking up more recipe prizes, but Sender planting more innovative peppers and bartering on the side market. The game ended at a dead even 87 points each.

Then Ari swung in while Dan left, and we begun a game of Specter Ops. It was a funnish back and forth but it reinforced for both of us that the game needs 3 players to thrive, and that two players is just a meh game for both Hunters and Agents.

Then over the weekend, Dan stopped by for a two player game of Targi, where both players are spice merchants for their tribes, trying to gain leverage and goods to thrive in the desert. Dan won by a small margin at 35-32, but what was most offensive was his refusing to see the strategic back and forth present in every move, and he crossed it off his want to play list.

That was then followed by Walled City as Menachem showed up again, and thus followed 61 minutes of strategy 101. The game is one of the most condensed moments of tense strategy and tough decisions, as over the course of 61 minutes, each player makes 10 extremely tough decisions about what cards to use, when to use them, and where to use them. After a quick rules intro, the game started and at the end of round 1, Dan had the lead, Menachem a close second, and Sender in third. Round two was far more devious and mean though, and Sender managed to get back in the faction race to score enough points to pull ahead for the win, with Menachem in second and Dan in third. Dan admitted he would rather play this again then getting his eyes pierced or his eardrums burst, so that’s a win in my book.

This coming week I’ll be at Ravenwood Castle Monday – Wendesday, playing board games and not responding to calls or emails for the first time in 2 years.

I’ll be back Wednesday evening, just in time to remind all of you to commit to game night. I expect a somewhat large turnout for some reason, and depending on the player count we have lots of great games to play, both old and new.