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BoardGameCo Game Night – Tobago & Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

This last week’s game night was a quick and short one with many missing members thanks to preparing for the weekend or just straight up being out of town. We started with just Adam, and the two of us sat down to play Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation (Deluxe Edition).
For those who don’t know, LoTR:TC (DE) is a designer board game version of Stratego, designed by the famous Reiner Knizia. each side has 9 pieces, which you can set up how you’d like on your side of the board. Additionally you have 9 cards which will be used in conjunction with your troops to win or lose battles. One side is the fellowship, and one side is Sauron and all that is evil. The fellowship is slightly more strategic and elusive whereas Sauron goes more for direct power although with a few tricks up your sleeve as well.
The game went fairly well with decent back and forth on each side, but as Sender (as Sauron) moved his Cave Troll towards the Shire, Adam panicked and fled with Frodo. This opened him up for a swoop in by The Black Riders and unfortunately for The Fellowship, Frodo died a horrible death, screaming in pain as his flesh was pierced by the sword of eternal damnation.
Adam was all set for round 2 but then Ezzie showed up and we started Tobago, a treasure hunting game for 2-4 players.
In Tobago, players play clues one at a time, slowly bit by bit narrowing down where the treasure is, for instance, it’s next to the sand, or it’s within site of a Tiki Head etc. Once the location of the treasure is certain, players can pick up it up with their ATV’s, or better yet, be on the correct spot when the treasure is narrowed down. Once the treasure is dug up, the more you contributed to it’s finding, the more treasure you will be entitled to. There are of course some curses going on, but with either a few amulets or some clever gameplay, you can avoid those curses.
It should be noted, Sender got the rules 99% right, only with a slight hijinx in game setup, but the rest was all correct. With that being said, Sender has also noted how boring it can be to give epic dialogue to games in which there is no conflict. Basically Sender, Ezzie and Adam moved ATV’s around a lot, played lots of Clues, and dug up lots of treasure, and Adam got a curse, losing a 6 point treasure.
Ezzie once again admitted that some games seem to be quite fun, and then the evening wrapped up as everyone had too much to do this week. Adam nearly stayed for a second game of LoTR: TC (DE) but common sense prevailed.