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Ecstatic over “Euphoria”

Dear Jamie [co-designer of the game “Euphoria”],
Every boardgame designer probably enjoys positive feedback about his/her creation; it’s my hope that this note gives you (and your co-designer) a small fraction of the pleasure Euphoria has given me.
I discovered and acquired your game in the past six months, and was first able to play it – three times:) – this past weekend. As the father of a daughter who loves dystopian fiction and who is (at twelve years of age) a seasoned game connoisseur, bringing Euphoria to the table was for me a no-brainer.
The fact that she beat me made the experience that much more enjoyable:)


However, in an effort to give credit where it’s due, I’d like to emphasize some of the aspects of the game that we particularly appreciated, namely:
The bits are beautiful. I’m sure you get this a lot, but I was struck by the number of times my daughter commented on how much she enjoyed handling all of the beautifully-wrought pieces.
Many paths to victory: Each victory was won differently in three sessions; for us, this is a highly-desirable feature with any game, proving a sensitive, creative design and thorough play testing. We found ourselves debating the ‘best way to win’ long after the box was put away – each of the three times we played.
The tightness of the design. The games were close – down to a turn or two – every time we played. Despite the fact that mistakes or sub-optimal moves were clearly made (more than once) by all players, the game was forgiving enough to allow for clever comebacks and tight finishes. Furthermore, we felt that there were very few (no?) extraneous options in the game – ie. there was little ‘design clutter’ to get players off track, and if you veered, you veered because you made a choice for an option that didn’t pan out (but which could have worked for you under different circumstances).
The way the theme knits into the game. We can’t say enough about this.


(One particular example:The knowledge track. Wow, I loved the way this mechanic came out of ‘know’-where to eliminate workers, level the paying field, and keep the game super-tight. Amazing.) More than once during the games, we just enjoyed ‘participating’ in your dystopian world – how often does one say that about trading in the Mediterranean, conquering other planets, managing a harbor, or any of the countless (interesting) themes that abound in the board game universe?
Bravo, and please keep up the good work. We love Euphoria.