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The Fox in the Forest; Beautiful, Deep and Optimal for Two

Dan: As a fellow who devoted too much time playing bridge from dinner to breakfast in college, I love me a good trick-taking card game. Finding one that is (a) optimal for two players, (b) strategically deep, and (c) quick is (1) rare, (2) welcome, and (3) a must-get for this guy.

So when 'The Fox in the Forest' made my radar screen, I was in. Good call, my man, good call. This game has scratched a needed itch quite often. On July 4th, fireworks outside symbolized the glorious drubbing - OK, 18-16 victory, and it was his first game - that I gave to Benny-boy. 

How do I love it? Let me count the ways:
1. As with many card games, the 'strategic juiciness to cubic volume' ratio is off the charts - lots of bang for the buck here.
2. It's quick - 15 minutes for a hand, and you're def playing 3 hands. 
3. There is just the right amount of luck - of the 33 cards in the deck, only somewhere between 0-7 (depending on certain cards being played) are unknown; so opportunity for risk and reward abounds.
4. Like 'Lost Cities' - and fans, I do not make the comparison lightly - it both rewards repeated plays, and doesn't lose its luster if played for hours on end.
5.  Great iconography and art - a failing in which can frankly impair an otherwise awesome design  (I'm talking to you, 'Diamonds').
6. Variable card powers, cool scoring system, and a delicious 'go high or go low' decision that keep things ever-interesting.

Try 'Fox' - you won't be disappointed.

Alex: At Dan’s behest, I tried The Fox in the Forest while staying at his place one weekend. It’s worth noting at this point, that I have never seen the appeal of trick taking games. I’ve played Spades and Hearts before I was a ‘gamer’, and I eagerly jumped into the game hoping that a trick taking game in this world would be much more up my alley. 

Sadly I walked away with as little interest in trick taking games as I had when I started. While I wanted to love the game, I found it basically be “trick taking with abilities”. While far more intriguing in concept, in execution I’d much rather play hundreds of other games, such as Lost Cities Dan referenced above. 

Now I haven’t played any other trick taking games other than Spades, Hearts and now Fox in the Forest. I haven’t played Diamonds, Tournament at Camelot or any others. So I think my opinion isn’t a critique of Fox so much as it is an indicator of my gaming preferences. 

~Dan and Alex

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