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Clash of the Gladiators
Clash of the Gladiators German

Clash of the Gladiators

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Designer(s) Reiner Knizia
Publisher(s) Rio Grande Games
Players 2-5, Best With 5
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
In this game, the players first recruit groups of gladiators from a pool of hopefuls with five different abilities. They are fighters, shield bearers, spear throwers, net casters, and trident carriers. Players assemble 2-4 groups of 4 gladiators. When the groups are ready, the players move them around the arena to challenge the animals or other players' groups. When only one player has gladiators left, the players score for the gladiators they retained and the animals and gladiators vanquished during the game.