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Ogre Deluxe
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*Designers, publishers and game box may vary by edition

Designer(s) Steve Jackson (I)
Publisher(s) Steve Jackson Games, Metagaming
Players 1-3, Best With 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+

There is a huge difference between editions on Ogre, going from a small pocket kit all the way up to the deluxe edition. Please ensure you are selecting the correct edition.

Ogre is a desperate contest between a super-intelligent, bloodthirsty ai-controlled tank, and the squads of infantry, armor, and artillery fighting to stop its advance. You can be the Ogre and ruthlessly steamroll the humans in your way – or play the Defenders, trying to destroy the tank at any cost. The game is easy to learn and quick to play. It only takes a half-hour, but you'll want to play it over and over.