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Thunderstone Starter Set
Thunderstone Starter Set Cards

Thunderstone: Starter Set

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Designer(s) Jeff Quick, Mike Elliott, Curt Crane
Publisher(s) Alderac Entertainment Group
Players 2-5, Best With 3
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+
Prepare your party for a quest to claim the Thunderstone. Hire brave heroes, equip them with weapons, prepare your spells and delve into the dungeon. Each monster you slay brings you closer to victory—and the dreaded Thunderstone Bearer. Thunderstone: Starter Set provides everything for 2-5 players to kill monsters and search for the Thunderstone. The easy setup of this introductory set will have new players going in just a few minutes. Teach it to friends, or learn it together. This set includes all?new heroes, monster groups and village cards for experienced players as well.