If you're interested in freeing up space and getting rid of all those games lying around, but don't currently see anything you want from us, why not send in your games for credit?

You can either send in games for 100% credit to be used later, or send in games for a combination of games and credit. This system lets you clean house, with the confidence of knowing you can pick out the games you want how and when you want. We can add specific games to your wishlist (or even sync with your wants and wishlist on BoardGameGeek), and we’ll let you know when those games arrive, or you can just generally browse the site and add things to your "cart". 

We can slowly add to your cart over time and ship whenever you're ready.

These are the broad strokes of how our credit system works. Have a question not covered here? Please let us know so we can add it. Thanks!
  •  When you are interested in a credit transaction, request a credit valuation to be assigned to the games offered. For whichever games you accept the credit valuation, those games must be sent into BoardGameCo and when we receive them the credit will be added to your account.
  • You are responsible for the shipping costs of the games you send in, although you are welcome to use BoardGameCo’s shipping discount to ship your games.
  • The credit on your account can be used at any point to pick out game(s) you would like shipped back to you. Simply request a valuation on the games you want, and from the ones you select, we’ll ship those out to you and the credit amount will be deducted from your account.
  • If BoardGameCo is already shipping games to you in either a trade or sale, then the games you requested will be sent along with the trade or sale at no additional cost to yourself. If BoardGameCo is not already shipping to you, then you have the option to either cover the shipping of the games you requested (at cost), or to use credit dollars to cover the shipping. Please note that credit dollars used towards shipping have a 2 to 1 ratio, rounded down. E.G. if shipping is $11.87, then it would cost 23 credit dollars to have BoardGameCo cover the shipping cost.
  • Alternatively, if cashing out 200 or more points at a time, then BoardGameCo will cover the shipping on those transactions.
  • You are welcome to request games for BoardGameCo to add to a pending shipment. BoardGameCo will add those games as requested, and then whenever you are ready, we will ship out the games using the above rules of dealing with shipping costs.
  • Feel free to let us know what games you want, or if you want us to sync our wishlist system with your wishlist and wanted items on BoardGameGeek. You’ll then be notified when those games come in, although it’s still first come first serve on those games.

Fine Print:
Most of this stuff will hopefully and likely not be relevant. But just in case, it might be worth reading to avoid any surprises. Please note: this section is intended to protect BoardGameCo from any potential issues; it does NOT mean that BoardGameCo will choose to enforce everything stated in the below sections….customers matter to us above all, and we will always try to keep someone happy where possible.
  • Upon receipt of games, the editions and conditions will be evaluated and the credit will be added to your account, assuming no issues are discovered. If there are issues with the games received, you will be contacted to discuss a resolution before the credit is added to your account.
  • Regarding game valuations, please note that BoardGameCo used its own proprietary valuation system to assign credit valuations to games. For the most part this system reflects general market values on second hand games, but it does heavily increase credit values on games in high trade demand, and similarly heavily lowers credit values on games with low trade demand.
  • Please note, BoardGameCo prices on games on the website, the BoardGameGeek marketplace, or anywhere else, do not necessarily reflect the credit valuation BoardGameCo has on a game. Due to the BGC proprietary valuation system, BoardGameCo has different values for trading and selling games.
  • When adding games to a pending shipment, BoardGameCo has the right to cancel the shipment if it’s held for longer than one year. If BoardGameCo chooses to exercise that right, you will be notified that you have 7 days to request the shipment is sent to you. If you do not choose to have the shipment sent within 7 days, then the shipment will be cancelled, the games released back into BoardGameCo’s general stock, and you will be refunded the credit spent on that shipment.
  • When removing games from a pending shipment, whether through customer request or BoardGameCo dissolving a shipment as described above, BoardGameCo has the right to reduce from your credit any value lost due to game value fluctuations. e.g. If you requested to add an out of print $100 game to your pending shipment, and then upon a reprint being announced 6 months later you ask us to remove that game from your pending shipment, BoardGameCo maintains the right to deduct from your credit balance the difference between the game’s credit valuation at the time of addition, and the game’s credit valuation at the time of removal.
  • In case of the discontinuation of BoardGameCo’s credit service, anyone with credit on their account will be notified that they must collect on their credit from the remaining BoardGameCo stock within 14 days or lose the credit. If more people collect on credit then stock is available, then stock will be available on a first come first serve basis and all remaining credit will be forfeited.