Finding All Trade Matches

Step 1

Hover over My Geek, and click on the the section marked Trades.


Step 2

Clicking on Direct Matches will show you a listing of absolutely any possible match between yourself and other traders. Clicking on Custom Search will allow you to choose specific match criteria.


Step 3

If you click Custom Search, you will now see the screen below where you can customize what you want to look for (far left), what you currently want to offer (second from left), which states you want to look in (second from right), and what countries (far right). For all four sections, not selecting anything will search for all, and if you want to select multiples, just hold down control as you click.


Step 4

Above was a custom search done for wanting Ticket to Ride, offering Battlelore, in any states but only in the USA. A direct search would look the same, just with more results visible. 


Step 5

At this point you now have two options, you can start a conversation with someone by clicking on the mail icon to the left, or go straight to a trade proposal by clicking Propose on the right. 


Step 6a

If you click on the mail icon, it will take you to a message box for that user, where you can enter a subject (something related to the trade), a message (also something related to the trade), and then hit Send, or Preview if you want to see the message first, and Save Draft to save for later. 


Step 6b

If you clicked Propose, it would take you straight to a screen that shows all the overlap between yourself and that user. Titles highlighted in green are things that each of you have designated as wanting, and everything else are extras (while you are able to propose titles that someone didn't say they wanted, most users are unlikely to randomly want a title they didn't ask for, so be careful before spamming someone with such offers). Make sure your shipping address is correct, and include a note if you want. Then hit preview.


Step 7

You'll now see the offer you are about to make, which gives you one last chance to go back and revise if this wasn't what you intended. Otherwise, go ahead and hit submit offer. 


Step 8

If you did everything correctly, you'll now see this message, and you'll also get a geekmail with the trade offer you just made. Congratulations! You just made your first trade offer!