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Selling Games

While we always prefer a good trade, we're also happy to buy games as well. Below is a step by step guide to selling games through BoardGameCo.

Establishing Demand

The first step is establishing whether the games you're selling are games we take. We don't currently buy mass market games such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Snakes and Ladders etc. Instead we buy designer games such as Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Blood Rage and much more.

Our current want list can be found here, while you are welcome to send a list without cross checking, please be aware that games not on our want list we often offer much less for. 

You can use the search bar to find out if we're taking the games you're looking to sell. You don't need to check out every game before sending a list over, this is just to give you an idea of whether there's a good fit or not.


Due to shipping costs on smaller packages, while we can purchase any quantity of games, generally smaller purchases will mean we can't cover the shipping costs.


You can then email a list, whether in text form, excel, google docs, etc. over to, and we'll attempt to reply as soon as possible. Please note the larger the list the more time it might take to fully reply.

Please make sure to note any condition issues, as well as anything that differentiates the game. Special editions, extras such as inserts or sleeved cards, etc.


We offer cash or store credit. Obviously store credit will get you more, generally between 20-30% more depending on the list. As mentioned above, on larger purchases we generally cover all shipping costs.

Packing & Shipping

Upon acceptance, you'll be provided with a few additional details, but in general at this point you'll want to pack up the games in preparation for shipping. We'll need your current address to generate the shipping labels, as well as the box weights and dimensions. When packing, there are few things to keep in mind.

1) Please pack in as few boxes as possible. Fewer larger boxes is preferable to more smaller boxes, while following rule 2 below.
2) Avoid using oversized boxes, e.g. a box that is too large or too heavy to carry. A good rule of thumb is if you would have a hard time carrying the box up the stairs, use something smaller.
3) Avoid using a larger box that is half board games and half empty air. The larger the box the more it costs to ship, and while we don't mind shipping board games, we do mind paying to ship air :)
4) Ensure the games don't have room to shift around while in transit. Make sure the games are well condensed, and whatever room is open is filled with some form of packing material. Games that shift in transit often open causing missing pieces, as well as often resulting in damages. Unfortunately we do deduct from the payment if damage in transit is above an expected minimum level.


Once we've received and reviewed the games, or alternatively within a week or two of receipt if we haven't yet reviewed, we'll issue payment. We hope to see you again soon :)