Above Snakes

Above Snakes

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Sometimes in the west justice was met at the end of a gun or the end of a rope. Not in the mysterious town of Pioneer Springs. Here there is only one punishment, being thrown off a wagon in a pine box in the middle of the desert. The sun's blistering heat and the deserts dry cracked ground greet you as you climb out of your pine box. You and the other captured lawbreakers have been dumped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the clothes on your back. To the west is a wagon that waits for any survivors the desert deems worthy to live.
Encounter wild stampedes , cross canyons and run from coyotes that try to steal what little you have found. Explore the Boons and Dangers the desert has to offer in this competitive survival card game. Try to succeed together or alone on a trail where other lawbreakers have failed.

Can you survive being left for dead?

Each turn players get the choice of moving their thirst or hunger down on their status tracker. Then they draw a card from the deck (the deck represents you trail to safety). These cards will test you by making you roll dice to complete a task. The cards will help you by giving you useful items. Or the cards will hurt you by taking away thirst, hunger or health and you must survive the whole deck to win. Careful though, other players want to win too and only one person wins but you can't walk this trail alone...