Agents of SMERSH Swagman's Hope

Agents of SMERSH: Swagman's Hope

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Designer(s) Jason Maxwell, Dan Booth
Publisher(s) Error, 8th Summit
Players 1-5
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 14+
It is all going so well for you in Tahiti - sun and surf are yours to enjoy. The Director has not troubled you with silly assignments. You've been allowed time to rest and do little other than drink martinis and get some sun... Maybe you should hang up your hat and let someone else handle Dr Lobo?

Alas, good things never last...

In Agents of SMERSH: Swagman's Hope, players have five new city locations to visit and nearly 350 additional encounters with a new Reaction Sheet. Australia is the most dangerous country in the world, so why would important persons of intellect and power be trapped there? It is up to the UN to come to their aid before SMERSH gets to them. Not only must players gain the normal Yellow Intel during the course of the game, but there are new Red Intel, representing scientists and researchers with vital knowledge for which Dr Lobo is hungry. Hurry to their aid before they get abducted and taken into the lawless Swagman's Hope, where they may disappear forever. Swagman's Hope is a godforsaken desert town in the middle of the Australian Outback - a dirty haven for the criminally insane and insanely criminal.