Agility Box


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Designer(s) Error, Brent Povis
Publisher(s) Error, Two Lanterns Games
Players 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
The sky breaks clear and bright over a mouth-watering field of obstacles. The golden retriever, border collie, and Irish setter you've adopted are exuberant as they prepare to breathtakingly weave the poles, sail over hurdles, blast through tunnels, round corners with fur a-tussle, and harness lightning while waiting for your cue on the trust-testing pause box. Agility applies a unique mechanic in which cards that supply resources also select actions. On your turn, you play a Training Card that provides one of two types of training (speed, strength, agility, jump, or trust) in varying quantities while also granting an action on a rondel (actions are interchangeable from game to game). Sometimes you'll key on the training, sometimes you'll play for the action, but ideally you'll benefit from both, which encourages clever planning and timing. From a tableau of 6 courses (out of 16 included to further enhance replayability), you'll draft a course upon adopting each of your 3 dogs (out of 15 possible), so there is a race within a race to snatch up pups well suited to that particular game. Then it’s nip and tuck as you tap your vision and versatility to motivate your canine friends over, under, and through to the finish lines!