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Arena: For the Gods!

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Designer(s) Maxime Rambourg
Publisher(s) Error, IELLO
Players 2-6, Best With 4
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 8+
Welcome to the arena of the all-powerful, where only the greatest mythological heroes fight to please the gods. With arena, dive into a universe in which heroes from 6 different Mythos fight together for the entertainment of their gods. Handpicked by a divine hand for a battle to the Death, you're assuming the role of a powerful fighter. Use your life points to bid for the best weapons and use the dice wisely to activate the most powerful attacks. The first player who dies puts an end to the game – and the surviving hero with the most life points left wins. The plethora of equipment and choices in the game will bring a new experience to each replay!