Atlantis Rising (second edition)

Atlantis Rising (second edition)

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Designer(s) Error, Brent Dickman, Galen Ciscell
Publisher(s) Error, Elf Creek Games
Players 1-7, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 10+
The Atlanteans have built a glorious civilization, but a reliance on technology powered by mystic energy has caused them to turn away from the gods. The gods will not tolerate such hubris in mere mortals. Atlantis must be destroyed!

In this challenging cooperative game of survival, players are councilors who must use their followers, special powers, and ancient artifacts to escape Atlantis before it sinks beneath the waves.

Atlantis Rising uses an innovative method of simultaneous worker placement, asking you to plan together how to divide your workers among available action locations.

This edition contains all new art and graphic design, created to bring even more attention to the thematic setting of the game. The "Athenians Attack" phase has been replaced with the "Wrath of the Gods" phase, requiring more strategic planning and adding to the sense of urgency. Now, instead of placing workers in an Atlantean Navy, players must cooperatively decide to flood a set number of tiles at the end of each round. To further aid them in their task, Councilor player powers have been expanded and made more impactful, and the knowledge deck has similarly been revised and expanded. The variable gate components, once built, no longer offer one-time bonuses, but create new worker placement spots where players can send Atlantean workers to unleash actions to help save their island.