BANG! High Noon

BANG! High Noon

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Designer(s) Emiliano Sciarra
Players 4-7, Best With 7
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+

In this expansion to BANG!, there are 15 new High Noon cards: shuffle them and put the one called "High Noon" at the bottom. Each turn the Sheriff reveals a new High Noon card which every player must obey for the entire turn.

For example, during Hangover all characters lose their special abilities. With Blessing the suit of every card becomes Hearts (so, Barrels always work and Dynamite never explodes, etc.).

Even if you're already out of the game you can even come back as a ghost for a turn during the Ghost Town phase, and try to win!

"In the Wild West, the shootouts between the Outlaws and the Sheriff are becoming particularly tough. Players must be ready to welcome the Dalton Gang, keep cool during the Gold Rush and be really careful when walking in the ghost town!"