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Bausack Components
Bandu Zoch
Bandu Components


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*The Default edition may be any edition of this game. Designers, publishers and game box may vary.

Designer(s) Klaus Zoch
Publisher(s) Vennerød Forlag AS, Milton Bradley
Players 2-8, Best With 4
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 7+

Building is completely reinvented here! 66 totally crazy building components unhinge the laws of construction analysis. More than a billion different construction possibilities provide the most audacious designs and completely bizarre structures: "Will the fir tree still fit between the egg cup and the napkin ring...? "Feel free to tremble - as long as your hands are steady!!! Besides a sensitive touch and teh creative readiness to assume risk, you will also need a gambler's spirit and the talent of bluffing. By clever auctioning you pass disagreeable building components as "poisoned presents" to your opponents. Bausack/Bandu provides dazzling entertainment and a special tactile treat for the young and the young at heart.