Blindes Huhn extrem

Blindes Huhn extrem

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In the card game Blindes Huhn extrem, players must do their best to avoid taking the blind chickens home with them. Who wants a blind chicken, after all? They just peck at things randomly, making a mess of the house.

The game consists of fifty number cards (0-49), seven penalty cards, and three reward cards. Adjust the number deck based on the player count, then deal cards evenly to all players. After receiving their cards, players order the cards in their hand however they wish, but then cannot change the order during play. Each round starts with the active player playing the leftmost or rightmost card in their hand, then everyone else does the same in clockwise order, again playing only their leftmost or rightmost card. Whoever plays the highest valued card takes the trick, then leads to the next trick. If you take a trick with more than one chicken in it, you take a penalty card equal to the number of chickens you took; if you take a trick with exactly one pig in it, then you receive a reward card that gives you a bonus in the next round, such as playing your card face down or playing from any spot in your hand.

Once all the cards have been played, players tally their scores: each chicken claimed in -1 point, penalty cards are -3 to -15 points, and reward cards are +3 points. Whoever took the last trick can choose to ignore all chickens they took or all penalty cards they took other than those taken on the last trick. If someone uses the 0 to beat the 49 in the last trick, then they can alternatively erase the entire score from a previous game.

Play as many games as the number of players, then whoever has the highest score wins!