Blue Moon The Terrah

Blue Moon: The Terrah

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Designer(s) Error, Reiner Knizia
Publisher(s) Error, KOSMOS, Fantasy Flight Games
Players 2
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
Blue Moon is fast-paced and easy to learn. Each player plays with a 30-card deck, representing one of the factions vying for control of the three elemental dragons. Each card is over-sized, allowing more space to show off the artistic detail. Each turn, the players battle for control of the dragons, playing characters or other helpful cards from their deck, and imbuing their characters with greater and greater power, in order to overwhelm their opponent and force a retreat. In the advanced game, players have the option of building their own deck, constructing a powerful multi-faction alliance. "The strength of the earth will support our cause." The powerful Terrah are peasants, craftsmen and combatants, all at the same time. Some are strong thanks to the power of the earth. Others can create earthquakes and conjure mighty storms. The 31 different cards of this people set can be played against any people of the Blue Moon base game or any other people of the fantastic world of Blue Moon. The Terrah deck is not stand-alone. You will need the Blue Moon Card Game to play.