Bridges to Nowhere

Bridges to Nowhere

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A century ago, the true measure of wits was determined by feats of engineering. In “Bridges to Nowhere”, you are attempting to outwit your opponent and construct the most magnificent bridge. Will you plan for a sturdy long bridge, or maybe take a risk with a shorter multilevel bridge where your points can soar as you reach for great heights? Whatever you do, don't forget to keep an eye on your opponent or you may just hand them the victory.

“Bridges to Nowhere” is a 10-minute, 2-player micro game of strategic card drafting and bridge building. In 4 quick rounds, Players take turns drafting "bridge cards" which they will use to attach to larger "pillar cards" creating a unique Bridge tableau in front of them. At the end of 4 rounds, the Player whose bridge scores them the most points wins!

No one ever said building a bridge was easy though! The challenge and fun of Bridges to Nowhere is found in trying to plan and build within the very particular guidelines of the game. There are three different types of bridge cards (Truss/Cable/Suspension) and they may never be mixed together in the same bridge. Not only that, each bridge card has a numeric point value listed at the bottom along with two symbols, one on each side. Two cards with the same bridge number can never be placed side by side, AND a single line of adjacent bridge cards can only ascend and/or descend numerically once in a single bridge segment.

The Pillar cards are what you'll need to frame your bridge segments and possibly lay a foundation for a double or even TRIPLE decker bridge(if you've got the nerve). Be careful though, your Pillar cards are a strategic resource. If you don't play them just right you may end up with only a partially finished bridge, and that will cost you!

Oh, but don't forget those symbols! If you can match two of the same symbols side by side in a bridge segment you'll reap big point bonuses. Another way to gain bonuses in the game is by completing Contract cards. These give both players a very specific set of bridge construction goals to try and reach in order to gain a medium or large point boost to their total score.

Bridges to Nowhere is a fun and engaging game that plays as beautifully as it looks. With elegant gameplay that challenges players to keep their wits about them at every draw of a card, Bridges to Nowhere brings fun to the table again and again.