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Ca$h 'n Gun$: Yakuzas
Ca$h 'n Gun$: Yakuzas Components

Ca$h 'n Gun$: Yakuzas

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Designer(s) Ludovic Maublanc
Publisher(s) Repos Production
Players 6-9, Best With 9
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
The world's three largest Mafia organizations jointly perpetrated the Robbery of the Century… A few hours later, they are all gathered in a sinister back shop in Hong-Kong, each of them armed to the teeth to split the loot in a good mood. Suddenly, the tension raises, it looks as if the parts were not equal… Get ready; the gang war might break out at anytime. Are you keen to face the wildest Mafia of the planet? BANZAI. Yakuza introduces new characters, new foam weapons (Tanto, Shuriken and Shotgun), objects and a team based game play for up to 9 players.