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Designer(s) Elree Ellis
Publisher(s) Playco Games
Players 2-4
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 13+

Your humble tribe has struggled generation after generation for mere subsistence. After eons of hunting and gathering, feasts and famine, war and peace, your people have finally entered an age of innovation.

With the advent of horticulture, your tribe has settled into a sedentary way of life and through this change, idle minds have begun to develop new ways of understanding and manipulating the world around them. Great advancements are being made in subsistence, government, technology, culture, commerce, diplomacy, and warfare.

This sea change has inspired a need for guidance and through careful consideration your people have elected you to lead them into the future.

Civicus is a civilization themed, tile placement and area control game in which players compete for territories, resources and exotic goods. These essential elements of the game are earned, maintained, and developed through sound logic, thoughtful tile placement, and strategic planning.

Each round the players will take turns placing new terrain tiles. Strategic tile placement is crucial for a player’s success, as this aspect of the game determines the geographical matrix for game play and dictates resource and action point generation. Resources and action points are required for nearly every aspect of the game, including settlement and temple construction, attribute development, and wealth generation.

Throughout four ages, the players will compete for territory control, by building and developing settlements. In turn, these territories will provide the players with the raw materials required for cultivating a great and powerful nation. The greatness of your nation is determined, in part, by a preset scoring system which focuses heavily on settlement construction, exotic good control, as well as, fortune and fame.

The nation with the most victory points at the end of the fourth age wins!
[Crowds cheer… fireworks erupt… enemies conspire]