Colt Express Marshal & Prisoners

Colt Express: Marshal & Prisoners

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Designer(s) Christophe Raimbault
Publisher(s) Error, Ludonaute
Players 3-8, Best With 6
Suggested Age 10+
"The Union Pacific express is still loaded with sacks of money and priceless jewels, but your banditry is about to become more dangerous than ever before! marshal Samuel Ford is fully armed and ready to shoot down any villains who dare attack his train, and a few of your trusty sidekicks have been taken prisoner in the train's prison car. Freeing them may bring you significant rewards—but is it worth trying to slip past the marshal's watchful gaze? for the first time in colt express, the marshal and prisoners expansion gives one of the players the chance to take on the role of the marshal himself, unlocking an entirely new way to play the game. You'll also find a prison car to attach to your train as the perfect place to incarcerate lawbreakers or earn some more money by freeing the prisoners already trapped there. Finally, you receive an entirely new characterized, the martial artist—and thirteen new round cards to make every game of colt express a completely unique experience!".