Coma Ward

Coma Ward

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Designer(s) Danny Lott
Publisher(s) Everything Epic Games
Players 2-6, Best With 5
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 18+
Empty and sterile is the only way you can describe the place. It's a perfectly normal, funtioning's just empty. The name printed on your wristband doesn't ring any bells, and the strangers you woke up with seem just as lost as you. Something unnatural is going on here in these cold echoing halls. Time to tighten your gown and start looking for clues. Maybe something around this place might jog your memory or at least tell you where everyone else went.

Coma Ward is the mature, survival-horror, narrative experience where you are a coma patient who just awoke in an empty hospital. Who are you? Why is the hospital empty? Are these patients friend or foe? Search for clues and helpful items to find out. Keep your terror in check and stay focused, or face terrifying hallucinations that tug at the tenuous treads of your reality.

Unfathomable terror awaits you as you explore twelve secret Phenomenon, each with multiple unique endings, which, when revealed, show the truth behind your bizarre circumstances.

Never experience the same chills twice. Each game of Coma Ward is different as your Phenomenon win condition may change and you explore a fresh and sterile new hospital layout every game with the random tile deck.