Cthulhu Wars Primeval Earth Map

Cthulhu Wars: Primeval Earth Map

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The Primeval Earth Map Expansion contains a map of the ancient Earth of legends. Just like the normal Cthulhu Wars map, it is double-sided, and can be assembled into four different configurations.

This map changes play dramatically. Each turn, Glacier figures appear, and gradually fill in much of the board. As the game progresses, the Glaciers tend to boost players' overall Power levels, but restrict which parts of the map are most valuable, focusing play in the equatorial regions. This combination of high Power and regional focus usually results in an exciting bloodbath.

If you like massive clashes and forced interaction (even more than in a normal game of Cthulhu Wars), this is the expansion for you! The Primeval Earth Map Expansion changes the strategic decisions and tactical choices for every faction, and changes Cthulhu Wars to the point that it is almost a whole new game - but don't worry; everything you love about Cthulhu Wars is still here - it's just distilled down to a fierce essence.