Darkness Comes Rattling
Darkness Comes Rattling Box

Darkness Comes Rattling

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Designer(s) Kevin Wilson, David Hanold, Justin Gibbs, Aaron Darland, Mason Crawford
Publisher(s) Wyrd Miniatures
Players 2-6, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 13+
When Mother Moon create the sun, she also inadvertently created something twisted: the celestial snake Darkness.

Darkness knew only bitterness and jealousy, hating those things which it did not have. In its jealousy, it rose up and swallowed the sun, plunging the world into a perpetual twilight. It is now up to the heroes of the Tribes of Man to gather the lost spirit weapons and hunt down the great snake in order to save the sun and their world.

Darkness Comes Rattling is a cooperative board game for 2-6 players that follows the story of the Tribes of Man in their quest to save the world from corruption and Darkness.

Each player will guide a mighty warrior and traverse a world of shadows, spirits and other dangers as they combat the coming night. Will you make the ultimate sacrifice? Will you become a mighty warrior, able to fight off corruption? Do you have what it takes to face the Darkness?