Daxu Components


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Designer(s) J. Alex Kevern
Players 2
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+

Being a shopkeeper in a small town is a business of balance. The goal is never to stomp out your competition - in fact, doing so can be quite damaging to your reputation. You must find a way to grow your shops without running the shops acroos the town into the ground. Know when to cooperate and when to be cutthroat and you will emerge as the finest shopkeeper!

DAXU is a set collection game where players are collecting sets of cards in 6 different shop areas. Several cards are revealed each round, and players choose whether they would like to keep the cards for themselves, or give all the cards to their opponent.

If you dominate a shop type by too much, your customers will become disloyal and your opponent will earn points instead of you. So, unlike most set collection games, you score points based on how closely contested the sets you win are. At the end of the game both reputation and majority in shops determine who's the best shop keeper.