Descent Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – The Chains That Rust

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – The Chains That Rust

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Designer(s) Corey Konieczka
Publisher(s) Fantasy Flight Games
Players 2-5
Suggested Age 10+
Your journey thus far has taken you deep into the mist lands and the domain of waiqar the undying. In this land of Shifting mists, uncertain footing, and terrifying undead, you are certain of little. The heroes that you've fought alongside for years seem suddenly Alien and unknowable. Spirits loom up out of the fog and vanish moments before they touch you. Even the air you breathe seems to be worming its way inside you, tainting your blood and binding you to the mist lands with indelible Bonds. More and more, you are sure of only one thing: you must find a way to escape. The heroes' adventures through the mist lands continue with the chains that Rust, a new descent expansion that pits your might against ever more deadly dangers. Within this expansion, you'll discover an entirely new one-act campaign that can be played on its own or as a sequel to the campaign included in mists of bile hall. New tainted cards and a new Overlord class give the Overlord player new tools, even as eight plastic figures swell his armies with new monsters. Finally, you can stretch beyond your hero's traditional class decks for the first time with the addition of Hybrid classes.