Dragon's Ransom

Dragon's Ransom

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Hark! Another hero approaches. Prepare the minions. Get them in line. The dragon's ransom must never be claimed!

In Dragon's Ransom, you take on the role of Master of the Dungeon, sending waves of minions towards ill-prepared heroes. Link minions to create devastating combos, but beware- the heroes may be fools but they will fight back.

Dragon's Ransom is a reverse dungeon crawl solo & co-operative card game for 1 - 4 players. On your turn you will draw cards from the minion deck and play minions and traps against the heroes that oppose you. Once they're built up, play Attack! cards to send your chains rushing forward to attack the heroes. Spend too much time building the chains and the heroes will strike back, breaking apart your ranks. Defeat all the heroes to win or exhaust your minion supply to suffer defeat.

Dragon's Ransom is a primarily solitaire game with official rules and components for multiplayer up to 4.