Dragonsgate College

Dragonsgate College

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Designer(s) Wolf Plancke, Thomas Vande Ginste
Publisher(s) Error, NSKN Legendary Games (NSKN Games)
Players 2-4, Best With 3
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 12+
Become the Head of an Apprentice House in the prestigious and wondrous Dragonsgate College, where exceptionally gifted young people (as well as those not really that gifted) can become heroes of legend, bringing you splendour and prestige!

Hire experienced Professors and raise buildings that will improve your House ability scores - and boost any Apprentice into glory! Gain special abilities with each building raised, research powerful spells that will help you (and others!) achieve your goals. Outmanoeuvre everyone in shady politics, and crack open the treasures of the Training Dungeon!

And when you finally have everything you need, use your assets to secure lucrative careers for your Apprentices, and fill your own hall of fame with portraits of the best Adventurers ever to have left Dragonsgate College.

Dice drafting and tableau building come together in a game of might, magic and subterfuge! Welcome to Dragonsgate College, a school like no other! Lead an Apprentice House ready to make its way into university history! Specialize in arcane research, subterfuge or raw physical power, hire Professors, recruit promising Apprentices, provide them with specialized facilities built on your House's grounds, and secure prestigious careers for your students - before your opponents beat you to them!