Dungeon Dice Guilds

Dungeon Dice: Guilds

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Designer(s) Sam Coates
Publisher(s) Potluck Games
Players 2-4, Best With 3
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 6+

The Story Continues:
To prevent themselves from being slaughtered, warriors vying for the throne begin to band into guilds...

This expansion for Dungeon Dice features a host of new monsters and a veritable armory of new weapons and artifacts, but most significantly it features the entirely new Guild mechanism. When drawing from the Encounter Bag, heroes will have a random chance of being invited into a guild. Each guild give you new powers and abilities that take your adventuring to a whole new level, but each guild has its own requirements which you must meet to use these abilities. These requirements are usually that you must have certain types of equipment equipped to benefit from being in the guild. This adds a new level of strategy when choosing what you will go into battle with. You may want to forgo using your awesome artifact sword to gain an extra die by using your Monk ability, or weild two axes with your Barbarian ability.