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Dungeon Roll
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Dungeon Roll

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Designer(s) Chris Darden
Publisher(s) Tasty Minstrel Games
Players 1-4, Best With 2
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 8+

The Dungeon lies before you, you have assembled your party of hearty adventurers and have a few tricks up your sleeve. How far will you go to seek glory and fame? Will you risk losing everything? In Dungeon Roll, your goal is to collect the most experience points by defeating monsters, battling the dragon, and amassing treasure. To accomplish this, you become a Mercenary, Half-Goblin, Enchantress, or other hero, and gain their unique abilities. Then assemble your party by rolling seven party dice and boldly entering the dungeon, while another player serves as the Dungeon Lord and rolls a number of dungeon dice based on how far you have progressed. But beware, too much fighting in the dungeon is certain to attract the attention of the dragon!