Eclipse Supernova

Eclipse: Supernova

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Designer(s) Error, Touko Tahkokallio
Publisher(s) Error,
Players 2-6, Best With 6
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 14+

The Supernova is by its nature very unstable, and in constant risk of exploding. Technological advancement may help to keep the Supernova stable.

The expansion contains two Supernova sector hexes and one Discovery Tile. The Supernova hexes are shuffled with the other Outer Sector hexes before building the Outer Sector stack. The Discovery Tile is shuffled with the other Discovery Tiles.

For each Supernova hex, roll two dice in the beginning of the Cleanup Phase. Add their values and the number of Technologies on the track where the hex owner has the fewest Technologies. If the hex does not have an Influence Disc, no Technology bonus is added. If the result is equal or less than the number of the current round, the Supernova explodes. All ships and structures are removed from the hex, the Population cubes go back to the Population tracks, Influence disc goes back to the Influence track and the hex is flipped over. You may move to an exploded Supernova with the Wormhole Generator technology, using the normal rules.